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IKEA Home Delivery Is Now Available!

How does it work?


Have you ever found yourself hopelessly lost in an IKEA store? Well, you were probably not the only one!

Shopping at IKEA can be both stressful and time consuming. Whether you are buying the whole kitchen or getting a single piece of furniture, you should still be prepared for a scavenger hunt at IKEA because you’ll be spending at least an hour or two due to the addictive design and the maze like structure of the store.

Incoming ShopWings. We are delighted to announce that you can now shop at IKEA for in-store prices and get it delivered on the same day! So you can finally relax whilst your furniture is being purchased and delivered with utmost care. At the moment, we are only delivering to certain areas in Sydney and Melbourne but stay tuned as we are planning to expand our delivery areas as soon as possible!

No more picking and lifting

Forget about having to lift those heavy, bulky and weirdly-shaped boxes onto a cart and taking them through pay registers! Our personal shopper will do this for you. You shop whatever items you need from ShopWings, let us know your delivery time and address and we will do the hard work to make sure the order is delivered on the same day (when you make an order before 3pm)!

Say no to wasting your time or money

Do you remember the countless time when you find a car parking space only to be taken when you drive around the corner to reach there? Why not avoid that frustration by arranging delivery with ShopWings! Never worry about finding the time or spending money on parking fees to visit the store - we’ll do it for you!

Avoid the queues & waiting time

At IKEA, there are endless queues at the checkout so it’s best to avoid this by using ShopWings! Our personal shopper will make sure you receive your items on time and undamaged as we’ll pick and lift these items like we are purchasing for our own.